Network Marketing is a business built around Residual Income, Helping Others and the Team Environment. Here are the 7 most exciting advantages that building a network marketing business offers you!

Find a great company with products or services you use and believe in; plug into the simple system training offered by those who brought you into the business and who care about your success; take action every day and you’ll find these 7 advantages will serve you well in your life!


You can get started in network marketing for €350 or less which typically includes the cost or your product, product samples and training materials. What other business can you get started with very little money and huge income upside?

If you were to get started in most other businesses you are looking at investing thousands of dollars to get started. A traditional franchise would cost you €25,000 to €100,000 in start up fees not to mention the overhead of a lease and the headache of employees.

With our company you can get started for as little as €60


What if you had thousands of vending machines all over the world that paid you every-time someone purchased something from your vending machine? Well network marketing is no different. You can leverage yourself with having thousands of people all over the world in your organization that pays you a commission every-time they consume or use the service provided by the network company you are with.
I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” John D. Rockefeller


You are not stuck in one location. You have the flexibility of working wherever you want with people all over the world. Many people get stuck owning a company or working in a job where you are stuck in one geographic location that limits your ability to take advantage of the global economy we live in. Network marketing gives you the flexibility of working anywhere with people all over the world.


Growing a team and your income in network marketing is all about personal growth. The more you grow as a person the bigger your income becomes. Most all network marketing companies are huge proponents of personal growth and building people up and helping them become better people.


Most people trade hours for euros; meaning your time for money. So if you are not working, guess what you are not getting paid! That is not how to get wealthy and have time freedom. Network marking allows you the ability to do something well once and get paid over-and-over again for your efforts providing an income stream that is passive. Know the difference between linear income VS residual income. There is nothing better than making money while you sleep!

There’s weekly and monthly pay, so you don’t have to wait an entire month to receive your income. Not only is this convenient for you, but the quick turnaround creates urgency and momentum for your new enrollees.


The tax benefits of network marketing are huge! It is hard to put a positive spin on taxes but with network marketing you can. If people just understood the tax benefits of network marketing and how they could lower there income taxes more people would consider joining the profession.


The income potential and upside to networking marketing is huge! There are not many professions where one does not need a college or even a seconardy school education to make a 6 figure income. Will the income happen over night? No! But if you set realistic expectations and go to work you can build a large monthly income! You can make a full-time income with part-time effort!

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