What Are The 7 Most Exciting Benefits of Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a business built around Residual Income, Helping Others and the Team Environment. Here are the 7 most exciting advantages that building a network marketing business offers you!

Find a great company with products or services you use and believe in; plug into the simple system training offered by those who brought you into the business and who care about your success; take action every day and you’ll find these 7 advantages will serve you well in your life!


You can get started in network marketing for €350 or less which typically includes the cost or your product, product samples and training materials. What other business can you get started with very little money and huge income upside?

If you were to get started in most other businesses you are looking at investing thousands of dollars to get started. A traditional franchise would cost you €25,000 to €100,000 in start up fees not to mention the overhead of a lease and the headache of employees.

With our company you can get started for as little as €60


What if you had thousands of vending machines all over the world that paid you every-time someone purchased something from your vending machine? Well network marketing is no different. You can leverage yourself with having thousands of people all over the world in your organization that pays you a commission every-time they consume or use the service provided by the network company you are with.
I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” John D. Rockefeller


You are not stuck in one location. You have the flexibility of working wherever you want with people all over the world. Many people get stuck owning a company or working in a job where you are stuck in one geographic location that limits your ability to take advantage of the global economy we live in. Network marketing gives you the flexibility of working anywhere with people all over the world.


Growing a team and your income in network marketing is all about personal growth. The more you grow as a person the bigger your income becomes. Most all network marketing companies are huge proponents of personal growth and building people up and helping them become better people.


Most people trade hours for euros; meaning your time for money. So if you are not working, guess what you are not getting paid! That is not how to get wealthy and have time freedom. Network marking allows you the ability to do something well once and get paid over-and-over again for your efforts providing an income stream that is passive. Know the difference between linear income VS residual income. There is nothing better than making money while you sleep!

There’s weekly and monthly pay, so you don’t have to wait an entire month to receive your income. Not only is this convenient for you, but the quick turnaround creates urgency and momentum for your new enrollees.


The tax benefits of network marketing are huge! It is hard to put a positive spin on taxes but with network marketing you can. If people just understood the tax benefits of network marketing and how they could lower there income taxes more people would consider joining the profession.


The income potential and upside to networking marketing is huge! There are not many professions where one does not need a college or even a seconardy school education to make a 6 figure income. Will the income happen over night? No! But if you set realistic expectations and go to work you can build a large monthly income! You can make a full-time income with part-time effort!

Why Consider Network Marketing As Our Home-Based Business?


Having a home-based business is not a new concept. Network Marketing is not a new concept. Having a home-based Network Marketing business is not a new concept. However, never in the history of our country has the concept been so prevalent and is fast becoming the norm rather than the exception!

The reason is very simple. Our concept is providing Irish’s with what they want; control of their time and financial opportunities proportionate to their abilities and effort.

With the right home-based Network Marketing business, one has all of the benefits and advantages of a home-based business and unlimited financial opportunity usually associated with a large traditional business.


Employees and Debt

Rather than having several employees working with other employees under one roof for the benefit of someone else’s company, with Network Marketing, we have a bunch of home-based business owners, working under their own roof, networking with other home-based business owners, all working for their own companies. This concept provides an incentive and opportunity of multiplication and duplication for each home-based business owner equal to or greater than that of the owners of traditional businesses with multiple employees and locations, with out all the hassles associated with traditional businesses! It requires no debt, no employees and no complicated administrative procedures. With Network Marketing, we work with and for other people and other people work with and for us.


What is Network Marketing?

When you purchase a product or service, usually over 50% of the retail cost is associated with marketing! That would be any cost associated with getting someone to buy the product plus any cost incurred once it is produced by the factory. With Network Marketing, the products are shipped directly to the consumer from the factory. Those monies normally associated with marketing are paid to several home-based Network Marketing businesses owners which had previous network marketing or internet marketing influence in the referral of the customer!


Are the products less expensive?

Most customers will not buy inferior products and there is limited benefit to paying a little less for a product on the short run. Let’s assume that you sold yourself a product, ordered it from a Network Marketing company and in return the company paid you a 20% commission or rebate. In effect you’ve saved 20% on the products you purchased. That may save you a few euros. Although saving money is important, the concept of earning money on products that we are already buying is far more exciting.


The concept is to redistribute the marketing euro!

Imagine having a network of thousands of customers purchasing quality products or services each month where you receive a few euros per month for each customer! Remember, these are products or services that we are all already buying, or should be, and this is money that is normally paid to others. In essence, the simple process of referring other customers who also refer other customers to a Network Marketing company, presents an opportunity for a redistribution of the wealth to you and I, the consumer!


Traditional Marketing versus Network Marketing

A traditional company would typically have a Vice President of Marketing with several regional managers reporting directly to them. Those regional managers would recruit, hire, train and manage several area managers who, in turn, would each recruit, hire, train and manage several sales representatives. The sales representatives are then responsible for selling the company’s products or services.

Plotted on a piece of paper, the shape of the traditional organisation would look like a triangle or pyramid. It’s quite obvious that the higher the level the higher the pay and that there is less room at the top for advancement. It is also evident that it is mathematically impossible for each and every sales representative or employee to rise to the top regardless of how good a job they do!


The Difference

First and foremost, Network Marketing is different. Each individual starts at exactly the same level – at the top of their own organisation, has exactly the same opportunity as everyone else and is compensated in directly proportion to the activity or success that they have had an influence in generating. Secondly, one doesn’t need to be a sales person to reap the level of financial benefits normally associated with company owners, sales managers and marketers. Thirdly, in Network Marketing we work with, when and for whom we choose. And last but not least, different than in a traditional company, we only work for ourselves and those whose activity generates income for us! We may also choose to work with those which we are generating income for, because, in most cases, they don’t make money unless we do.


Age of the Company

The most common mistake made by the masses is getting emotionally tied up in the “ground floor opportunity” pitch which caters to our “greed” and the “fear of loss”! If a person is determined to get involved with a new network Marketing company, they should do so because they understand totally the market for the product(s) and the experience of the management team. Being on the ground floor is usually not best because a majority of new companies will fail. Even if the new company does succeed, there will be many adjustments and changes during the initial growth and there usually is a lack of proven marketing procedures, materials, and training support. The attrition rate is usually much higher during those first years because most individuals are not emotionally flexible enough to accept the changes and turmoil. A network Marketing company experiences four basic phases of growth and market penetration. The risk of the company failing during phase one (usually first 3-5 years) is 10-20 time greater than in phase two. Contrary to popular belief, it usually is far better to be involved with a network Marketing company after they’re entered phase two. The risk of their failure is negligible. Their success indicates that their products are acceptable and that their marketing procedures and materials work! Then, either fortunately or unfortunately, our success depends only on ourselves!

Remember, the Vehicle must never be the limiting element in our success!


No Major investment

With the right network Marketing opportunity, one should be able to start their own home-based business for less than 100 euros, rather than the normal thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of euros usually associated with other traditional businesses which have any serious financial potential!


No Employees

Employees require a tremendous obligation from the business owner; mentally, emotionally and financially. With network Marketing, other independent distributors in our organisation, while working their own home-based business, supply the same benefit to us as employees would to a traditional business. We have no payroll, no benefit overhead, no space requirement, and no management duties other than a moral obligation to help others in their business just as others will help us.


Residual Income – Persistency

Unless you have been a successful network marketer, insurance agent or marketer, author or actor, it is really difficult to understand the tremendous benefit of residual income.

Starting on a part- time basis, a sincere person or couple with desire and persistence can, within a three-to- five year period, build a meaningful residual income to last a lifetime and then some.

Building a residual income is a little like flying a big jet. It takes a significant amount of fuel to get it off the ground, but once it has reached altitude, it can throttle back and fly on a fraction of the fuel needed for takeoffs. The big difference is that a residual income can “fly” seemingly forever with a little refueling along the way. The income stream can be passed from generation to generation.

All the other benefits of network Marketing, such as control, opportunity, and flexibility are important, but Residual Income is the essence of network Marketing!

Experience has taught me that many more people propose to have Desire and Persistence than actually demonstrate it. The purpose for this communique is to identify Individuals who sincerely want more Success in their life but don’t seem to have the right Vehicle for their journey. If you are one of the few, then I invite you to investigate a home-based network Marketing business opportunity which would allow me to work with you and for you, in order that we both achieve our Success goals. If any of this makes any sense to you and you would like more information, use if for your success. Thank you for your time, your most valuable asset!

Simple joys of a work-at-home mum

Mums who work at home can be considered lucky. They have the opportunity to make money while spending more time with the family. Sure, there are trade-offs like no employment benefits, difficulties in setting up a business, or the occasional loneliness and boredom.

But what many don’t realise is that work-at-home mums can also find joy in many things. It can be as simple as dropping off your children at school or can be as big as organizing a fundraiser for the school. When I ask mums whether they ever regretted their decision of leaving the corporate world, they all say the same thing, “It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Here are just some of the joys that work-at-home mums won’t trade for anything else:

1. Witnessing family milestones.

One major disadvantage of working full-time in a corporate setting is the big possibility of missing out on family milestones. These are not just birthdays and anniversaries but family moments like your daughter’s ballet recital, your baby’s first step or smile, or first day at school. Other people may think these are insignificant and not really worth attending to but these are priceless moments that you and your family will share forever.

2. Hands-on care for the family.

Nothing makes a mum feel guiltier than knowing her child is sick and she can’t get out of work. Work-at-home mums feel a lot more comforted when they’re at home to attend to the family’s needs. Whether your child is nursing a fever or your husband needs help to pack for a business trip, a mum finds deep satisfaction in knowing that she’s there for her family.

3. Control of your time.

Most office employees don’t have control of their time as they are tied to the regular office schedule. If something happens or you need to attend a family event, you need to ask permission from your boss so ask if you can take a leave of absence.

A work-at-home mum has more control of her time. If your child needs help on his homework or if the husband isn’t feeling well, all you need to do is shut down your computer, turn the phone on silent and attend to your family.

4. Sleeping in late, me-time, and eating meals together

Sleeping in late, quality me-time and eating meals as a family are just few things that are likely to elude the fully-employed mum. Those who are working at home find it a little bit easier to sneak in some me-time or to sleep in a little late. Mums can also organize more family meals together.

5. Seeing your children grow.

Many times, I’ve heard older mums wonder where the time went as they get surprised with the realization that their children are all grown up. I sense some regret in their voice because it’s like the time just went by.

Work-at-home mums are fortunate enough to be in a position where they can see their children grow up. They feel satisfied and contented, knowing that the moment didn’t pass them by.

But mums who are working in the corporate world need not fret. They can still find these simple joys even when they’re confined in the four walls of the office. It would take some effort and balance but it is still possible to experience the simple joys that work-at-home mums have.

What do you love about working from home? What simple joys put a smile on your face?

Simple Tips for Being Successful in Network Marketing

This article can assist you from just being a standard multilevel marketing business entrepreneur, to creating a much bigger network and reaching the ultimate success of your goals. Take enough time to carefully read through the entire article, to learn as much as possible about being successful in network marketing.

One of the key components that is necessary is to search for a multilevel marketing company that offers quality compensation packages. When you understand exactly how much you will be paid for the effort and time you put in, you will understand if you are actually spending your available time as wisely as possible. If not, you need to seek out other options.

Anytime you experience a failure or major setback, you can take it as a learning lesson. Review each area that did not turn out as expected, and take every effort possible to understand exactly what happened. By understanding your basic weaknesses, you can provide the opportunity to correct them. Always choose to look at any failure as a positive learning experience. Take that knowledge and use it to avoid similar mistakes that might happen in the future.

Be sure to follow effective successful business models whenever you can. Observe prominent individuals and how they have been able to be successful in the organisation. Attempt to do exactly what they do by taking the same approach and attitude. Understand exactly how they climb the ladder, and repeat the process behind them.

network-marketing-businesses-professionalYou may not have all the knowledge and manpower required to be a success in a multilevel marketing network business. However you can achieve it by learning from others.

Use the Internet to your benefit. Take the concept of successful video marketing, and develop a successful campaign for network marketing to gain a wider audience and eventually more partners in your down-line.

Think outside the box and be creative in your network marketing content. You can deliver effective promotional strategy tools using e-books, seminars and websites. Make sure you cover every potential aspect to achieve the best success.

It is always important to be sure to treat your network marketing as a direct successful business. If your goal is to get rich, it will likely take more than just working a few hours every week. Traditionally, network marketing will require a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work to be successful. You will likely need to make a full commitment to yourself that you will do everything in your power including working very hard each day to reach your successful goals.


It is always crucial to drive is much traffic as you can to your online website. While this is often a challenge for many individuals, those that have been highly successful in the venture recognise that their survival depends on it. It is important that the website be well constructed, to allow visitors that arrive to have access to available products and services and the ability to make a quick decision as to whether or not they want to buy them.

How we created a life we love


A little under two years ago I was finishing up maternity leave and not relishing the reality of having to leave my kids and return to work. I loved my job and the independence it gave me, but more than anything I wanted to have the flexibility to look after my kids, something that unfortunately my job did not allow. I didn’t want to miss out on key moments of their lives, however, I resigned myself to the fact that this was necessary.

I believe everything happens for a reason; if I were yet to have my beautiful daughter, then I wouldn’t have happened across an amazing business opportunity that really has changed myself and my family’s life in many ways.

My husband and I have built a very successful business together. In the last eighteen months we have achieved senior positions within the company, allowing us to live life on our terms. We have met many wonderful people along the way and have a fantastic team, who helped us win ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2014’.

I’m not extraordinary, nor do I have any special training and I am definitely not a sales person. I am simply a mum who loved a product, saw an opportunity to create a better life for her family and grabbed it with both hands.

If you are thinking it’s impossible to do this, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong! I’m proof that YOU CAN!


Why network marketing makes the best business for women


Are you dreading going back to work?  Are you a stay at home mum looking for extra income?

Or maybe you’re young and eager, but can’t see a 9-to-5 office job getting you where you want to go and feel there must be a better way to make your living?  The good news: There IS a better way, but it’s different than what you were taught.  Let me explain.

After being home with my second baby for 6 months I was dreading going back to work.  I got a taste of what it was like to own my time and…I wanted my baby!  I quickly learned what I was missing, time I was never going to get back.  I had to start juggling my work schedule for everything under the sun – because I was the mum.  This is when I took a step back and realised…life is too short!!!

So I started searching – searching for something that would give me the entrepreneurial outlet I have always craved.  I love being a mum, but I need a professional outlet where I can strive yet have the time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  So I want to share with you what I found.

With the current state of the economy and technology replacing jobs, working from home is more practical than making the attempt to find a job. I found the PERFECT business for women.  Network marketing and women = perfect match because we just do what we do best – network, solve problems and have a lot of fun doing it.

Now you may feel skeptical, I felt the exact same way, but what I found in doing my due-diligence was more companies will choose to use network marketing because it fits the New Economy.

People talk about “finding” their lives.  The reality is, your life is not something you find – it’s something you create.  Two years ago I choose to start creating my dream life.  I made an educated decision to get started in a network marketing opportunity that linked my income to a commodity.  At 30 years young, I was able to take a career break from my teaching job, having reached my ‘why’ – to own my time and be financially free for life!  You should consider it.

Network Marketing Makes the Best Business for Women

  • You can elevate your financial life.
  • You receive all the benefits of traditional business ownership without the typical risks.
  • You can condense a 30 year career into 3-5 years.
  • You have a flexible schedule and more freedom to do the things we never seem to have enough time to do.
  • You have incredible tax benefits.
  • You’re doing work that is fulfilling and makes you happy.
  • You can stop worrying about money.
  • You work when you feel like working but you also play when you feel like playing.  (Like when it is gorgeous outside)
  • You get to spend a lot more time with the people who are important to you.
  • You don’t have to report to anyone but yourself. (i.e. ask for time off ‘if’ it’s okay)
  • You will touch many lives.  There are so many people struggling in this world today.  You can encourage their dreams and give them hope.
  • You meet the most amazing people.  You’ll never find a more passionate group of entrepreneurs in any other profession.
  • You get paid for work you do one time.  That is the power of residual monthly income.
  • You can become financially free and create a legacy for your family.

Going for your financial dreams is no small feat, but I guarantee it will be the most rewarding choice you ever make. You cannot help but grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from your experiences on the achievement of your dream.  But you get even more than that.  Financial freedom is really well beyond financial.  It is a woman free to be who she really is.

Sometimes we are so busy putting everyone else first – children, friends, husbands, parents, bosses – and playing so many different roles in life – mother, wife, daughter, entrepreneur, employee, sister – that we lose sight of who we really are and what we want in life.  Don’t get trapped in the daily conundrum and lose sight of who you really are or what you want.

I encourage you to dream.  I encourage you to educate yourself on network marketing and use it as the vehicle to build your dreams.  Life isn’t about clocking in to make money, it’s about clocking out to make memories.  This truly is the best business for women.