Mums who work at home can be considered lucky. They have the opportunity to make money while spending more time with the family. Sure, there are trade-offs like no employment benefits, difficulties in setting up a business, or the occasional loneliness and boredom.

But what many don’t realise is that work-at-home mums can also find joy in many things. It can be as simple as dropping off your children at school or can be as big as organizing a fundraiser for the school. When I ask mums whether they ever regretted their decision of leaving the corporate world, they all say the same thing, “It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Here are just some of the joys that work-at-home mums won’t trade for anything else:

1. Witnessing family milestones.

One major disadvantage of working full-time in a corporate setting is the big possibility of missing out on family milestones. These are not just birthdays and anniversaries but family moments like your daughter’s ballet recital, your baby’s first step or smile, or first day at school. Other people may think these are insignificant and not really worth attending to but these are priceless moments that you and your family will share forever.

2. Hands-on care for the family.

Nothing makes a mum feel guiltier than knowing her child is sick and she can’t get out of work. Work-at-home mums feel a lot more comforted when they’re at home to attend to the family’s needs. Whether your child is nursing a fever or your husband needs help to pack for a business trip, a mum finds deep satisfaction in knowing that she’s there for her family.

3. Control of your time.

Most office employees don’t have control of their time as they are tied to the regular office schedule. If something happens or you need to attend a family event, you need to ask permission from your boss so ask if you can take a leave of absence.

A work-at-home mum has more control of her time. If your child needs help on his homework or if the husband isn’t feeling well, all you need to do is shut down your computer, turn the phone on silent and attend to your family.

4. Sleeping in late, me-time, and eating meals together

Sleeping in late, quality me-time and eating meals as a family are just few things that are likely to elude the fully-employed mum. Those who are working at home find it a little bit easier to sneak in some me-time or to sleep in a little late. Mums can also organize more family meals together.

5. Seeing your children grow.

Many times, I’ve heard older mums wonder where the time went as they get surprised with the realization that their children are all grown up. I sense some regret in their voice because it’s like the time just went by.

Work-at-home mums are fortunate enough to be in a position where they can see their children grow up. They feel satisfied and contented, knowing that the moment didn’t pass them by.

But mums who are working in the corporate world need not fret. They can still find these simple joys even when they’re confined in the four walls of the office. It would take some effort and balance but it is still possible to experience the simple joys that work-at-home mums have.

What do you love about working from home? What simple joys put a smile on your face?

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