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Are you tired of the never-ending, soul-draining, shame-filled diet cycle that leads you to a dead-end every time? Have you spent countless hours worrying about how you look, what you eat, or the number on the scale, only to find yourself back at square one?

The truth is, you’re not alone. Thousands have walked the same path, lured into the false promises of quick-fix diets and “miracle” weight-loss plans.

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What You Will Learn​

Seamless Digestion

Say goodbye to bloating, discomfort, and digestive issues. We’ll teach you how to nurture your gut health with the right foods and practices, leading to better nutrient absorption, improved digestion, and overall well-being.

Clear Mind

Experience mental clarity, focus, and enhanced cognitive function. Discover how to nourish your brain with nutrient-dense foods that support optimal brain health and boost your mental performance.

Healthy Weight

Say farewell to weight-obsession and restrictive diets. Our guided approach will help you achieve a healthy weight as a natural byproduct of wholesome living, fostering a positive relationship with your body.

You are so much more than a number on the scale, and it’s time to start treating yourself that way. Join us in this life-changing journey and start embracing a healthier, happier you – a you that is radiant, robust, and revitalized.

Why wait to live your best life?

Say NO to empty promises, self-deprecation, and harmful diets. Say YES to sustainable health, body positivity, and a love-filled life. Say YES to Your Body, Your Way: Transforming Health Inside-Out webinar.

This is more than a health webinar. This is a community, a movement, a shift in perspective. Join us, and together, let’s change the narrative around health and self-love.


Seamus and Mary Penrose are seasoned health and wellness experts with over a decade of experience in the industry. For the past 8 years, they have spearheaded the successful ShredIT program, impacting the lives of thousands by helping them understand the profound connection between food and well-being.

Seamus, a former athlete with a lifelong passion for sports, discovered the importance of nutrition early on. His personal journey fueled his dedication to sharing the transformative power of whole food nutrition with others.

Mary, an ardent advocate of fitness, finds joy in her daily workouts and embraces an active lifestyle. Her commitment to personal well-being serves as an inspiration to those around her.

Together, Seamus and Mary form an exceptional team, combining their expertise, experiences, and unwavering dedication to guide individuals towards holistic health and vitality.

Join Seamus and Mary in their upcoming webinar as they share their knowledge, stories, and expert advice. Prepare to embark on a life-changing journey of self-love, transformative health, and unlocking your true potential.

Experience the incredible benefits of their wisdom and discover the path to a vibrant and fulfilling life with Seamus and Mary Penrose.

Seamus & Mary Penrose


Read what the ShredIT 10 Day Program has done for others

“The products for me personally have massively changed my life. I am currently waiting on surgery to have my gallstones removed but I was on medication for them to stop flare up which would happen 2/3 times a week some so severe I’d need an ambulance but since taking these products I’ve come off all prescribed medication and the shred has helped me loose over 2 stone.”

Tracey Meade

-Stay at home mum of two

“I started on my JP plant based products 2 & half years ago as I was seeking a natural way of improving my health. I had severe rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, a very difficult menopause symptoms including anxiety. I also high blood pressure, high cholesterol & pre obese. I was delighted to find these products which have the backing of science to help find Me again. The products and ShredIT program have literally turned my life around.”

Pamela Johnston

– Theatre Nurse

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